Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The beautiful artwork of Robert Proch

Robert Proch's abstract, colourful figurative work has already gained considerable traction in both his native Poland and central Europe.

Ever since I first discovered his work I have been following him. There is so much emotion and depth in his work, a blurred line of detailed illustration and abstract brush strokes. His use of colour is incredible, from fire oranges to deep blues, he has developed the perfect combination.

Proch's style is inspired by state-of-the-art animation as much as classic caricature, and impressionism as much as modernist graffiti. But rather than being 'gritty' or downbeat Robert's work is dynamic, arresting and often strangely encouraging: he presents an augmented emotional reality that remains pleasing to identify with.

Also a successful animator, Proch's grasp of movement and the distinct manner in which he employs it is central to the beguiling nature of his work. Currently Proch has his first UK solo exhibition at The Outsiders Newcastle showcasing a range of new original paintings.

However if you are interested in his work I recommend visiting his website directly or going through Intoxicated Demons..they are really nice guys and respond to your e-mails quickly!

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