Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Local Talent - Patrick Joest Photography

I know i don't normally post about photography but I have recently come across the photography of Patrick Joest. He is a German photographer that lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. He recently did this new series titled, Meeting the Gods. It about Investigating divine beings and the myths around them. Thought it would be a good project to share with you all. Go by and visit his website here:
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About the series:
Since the beginning until today, people of all races and parts of the world are believing in different divine entities affecting their lifes and their environment – either in a relieving or an repressing way. The symbolism of the gods can be found everywhere and still is worshipped in many ways.

Their myths and stories are told extensively and are deeply anchored in the common perception. Assuming that the gods are among us again in modern times and their stories represent perceived history of our ancestors rather than just tales: how do we deal with them? How would we face them? Obeying and worshipping when necessary – but also investigating and researching with the tools and thoughts of a more and more scientific society. Tales retold, today.

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