Saturday, June 13, 2015

Entre Muros - Latin American Street Art comes to London

In just 2 weeks, Entre Muros opens at MYA Gallery, a group exhibition of 12 artists from Latin America. As gallery director of MYA,  I wanted to bring some colour to London and shine a spotlight on the incredible talent that is coming out of Latin America. Artists like Inti, Alexis Diaz, Doma and Jaz are just some of my top favourites that are really pushing mural art to a new level.

The exhibition is curated by subject specialist and good friend, Max Ruiz from SubenySuben. He is the author of a number of publications, including Nuevo Mundo: Latin Amercian Street Art. Ruiz has also played a pivotal role in introducing Latin American art to the international market.

London is lucky enough to have 5 of the artists travelling to the city and with the help of some great local projects, like Global Street Art and Wood Street Walls, we are securing them some locations to paint. More news on where they will be painting and when can be found on my insta as the show comes together. Please follow me here @tinaziegler if you want to find out more.

Entre Muros opens at MYA Gallery on Thursday, June 25th 2015.
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 25th 2015

Exhibiting Artists:
 Brazil: Rodrigo Branco, Rafael Hayashi / Argentina: Doma, Elian, Jaz / Chile: Cekis, Inti / Mexico: Curiot, Saner / Peru: DecertorColombia: Stinkfish / Puerto Rico: Alexis Diaz

More information please contact me at the gallery:

Hope to see you at the opening!

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