Monday, March 7, 2016

The beautiful work of Colin McMaster

I recently had the joy of visiting the studio of Colin McMaster in London and I have to admit, I have fallen in love with his beautiful paintings. His work transported me back to that feeling of initial amazement I had when I discovered Pop Surrealism about 15 years ago.

Colin is a humble guy, working in a studio built in the backyard of his house in South East London, he dedicates incredible energy and time to his artworks, many of which remain unseen on his studio walls for years. His studio one of those hidden gems, full of scraps of wood, piles of canvases, artworks hung up on every wall, dust covered sketchbooks and pots of paint. He lives and breaths his work and does it for the sole purpose of his own pleasure and viewing. So that is where I had to intervene, I could not let such talent go un-noticed, so am introducing his work to all of you through this little post and am planning his first London Solo show for this Spring.


Colin offered up the following about his work:

"I usually work on panels of wood veneer, framed in linen – a reversal of the traditional materials used. I became frustrated with the limitations of a flat canvas and  tried to incorporate a more 3-dimensional aspect to my work;  producing cut-out paintings assembled from different types of wood veneer cut and glued together, alongside flatly painted segments.  I want the natural shadows created by the relief element of the construction to provide subtle, yet literal depth, instead of relying on merely paint solely for light and shade. "

Keep on the look out for more from this fantastic artist.
More information about Colin's work can be found on my website:

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Colin’s art work looks great. I’m glad you decided to share this hidden gem that you have found. I hope the solo show goes great.