Monday, May 23, 2016

The Art Conference - Coming to London this July 2016!

Ladies and Gents, lovely people of the internet. Today I can finally share with you what I have been working so hard on these past few months. I invite you all to join me with the launch of my new company, The Art Conference.
I have always loved bringing people together to discuss and debate art and over the years, I have been actively teaching people how to work in the arts. My dream has always been to create a global platform for discussion and learning about the arts and to encourage people to engage and experience art in an open environment. With TAC, this is what I aim to do. Please feel free to check out the website, the event and send me your comments! The first TAC event will take place on July 23-24th in London Bridge. I hope you will join me in celebrating Art, Tech and Culture.
The conference will features artists and curators from around the world, along with a number of panel discussions, art exhibitions and digital art installations. It promises to be a truly exciting, stimulating and just generally badass event!
The early bird tickets are now on sale and you can check out the whole event on the website: