Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Art Conference, Tina Ziegler speaks about what to expect at TAC#01

We are just two weeks away until The Art Conference, a two-day conference and arts festival taking place in London Bridge on July 23 - 24th 2016. I decided to take a few minutes to explain what to expect at the first TAC#01 and why I think you should come! :)

What is TAC?

The Art Conference is a two-day arts festival exploring the intersection and evolution of technology, art and culture, bringing together global visionaries and creating a platform to discuss, connect and engage with contemporary art from a fresh perspective.

What to Expect at TAC: 

• Explore the evolution of Street Art, via a program of keynote presentations debating the social, political and environmental change that the medium is creating in ever-more powerful ways.
• Learn about technology’s influence on Street Art in the creation of rapidly-expanding global communities and the emotional energy covering urban landscapes worldwide.
• Meet representatives from across the art world during regular breaks, while enjoying international cuisine and a drink at the bar.
• Have an early chance to invest in astonishing new art initiatives and artworks on exhibition during the event.

Early Bird Tickets:
Use the code: Artisttac01 for 35% off the ticket price!